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About APOS

It was in 1976, a group of 5 ophthalmologists from AP, Dr Vengal Rao, Dr Srirama Murthy, Dr Satpathy, Dr Ranga Reddy & Dr Ramachandran were traveling together to attend the annual AIOS conference at Bhopal. The initial spark came as a suggestion that we form the AP State Society. This initial spark was from none other than Dr P Ranga Reddy. The suggestion soon became a reality & the AP state Ophthalmological society made a humble beginning in 1976 under the able stewardship of Dr P Siva Reddy.
All through these years, the able stewardship of the successive presidents steered our society from strength to strength. The society had over 1300 life members.
Due to the geographical division of Andhra Pradesh, the erstwhile APOS was divided into a new Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmic Society (APOS) and Telangana Ophthalmological Society (TOS). The new APOS has been registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 2001 bearing registration number 192 of 2014 , headquartered in Vijayawada