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I express my hear felt gratitude for electing me unanimously along with Dr G R Reddy as Vice president of APOS.


Before I express my vision for APOS it’s my earnest duty to pay Homage to our past and Founder GeneralSecretary of newly formed APOSwho has done all the ground work to stabilise the Society with paramount effort. Tributes to Dr Velagapudi Samba Siva rao.


Firstit’s my duty to continue that legacy and take APOS to new heights with the able team of Executive and Managing committee under the leadership of our New president Dr.Pharni Kumar.


Following the philosophy of AIOS, as APOS is of the members, by the members and for the members. That is my Principle agenda during my tenure as secretary.


Communication is important in this Digital world. Our LOC at Kakinada made considerable efforts to issue ID cards to members with Dr Siva Prasad our past in charge secretary doing the commendable job. As it is only half the job done, my first priority to issue ID CARDS to all the members and expanding the database in our Software, making it user friendly to all our members, with the help of Dr lakshmayya our website in charge. It will facilitate our motto of Go Green Revolution.


The most important groups in APOS are Young ophthalmologists and Senior Ophthalmologists, whose problems and welfare are our immediate concerns. For Young ophthalmologists, making APOS as a common platform whether its post graduate teaching standards, fellowship programs, surgical skills, employment opportunities in private, government, corporate ,group practises and including self-employment opportunities . For senior ophthalmologists, it is exiting strategies from work with financial strategies’ and moral support in whatever little APOS can do is equally important.


Webinars/CMEs for practise management, medico legal issues, empanelment, accreditation issues, coordinating Industry, pharma and Ophthalmologists, research opportunities and lot many issues are our agenda for our dynamic team to fulfil.


Having permanent address with building and other infrastructure at CAPITAL is the daunting task before us, to strive for


Strengthening APOS is the benchmark by NUMBERS AND FINANCIALLYis the paramount. I can foresee to make our association 2000 strong including members in waiting very soon .Making our association financially sound, without touching corpus fund is the fundamental in successful running of any organisation.


Making APOS a successful platform, most important requisite is coordinating with our parent body AIOS. To achieve that we need strong presence in AIOS GOVERNING BODY. Very few are interested in representing APOS nationally by spending their time and resources. Encouraging unanimously dynamic leaders like Dr C Gopai raju to fulfil that gap is equally important. Identifying others and making few more leaders from our society is also equally important.


Last but not least, it’s to serve THE PATIENTS we are here. Like bringing awareness on National programs, education pamphlets, communityoutreach programs, Tele ophthalmology and other modalities to serve our patients with highest quality and care is also paramount.So much to do if one wish to do. Individual is not important, it’s the team that works TEAM WORK WORKS. That’s my philosophy and I request EC, MC, OFFICE BEARERS, ADVISORS AND MEMBERS cooperate with me in good and bad times to make APOSSUCCESSFUL and VIBRANT.





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